Avoid Getting White Yucky Line on Lips while Wearing Lipstick

Yucky white film is a disgusting looking whitish line that appears on the part were the lips are pressed together. many ladies experience this.They cannot wear lipstick or Gloss for a long time without a line of white film from the lipstick accumulating on their lips.

Sometimes the cause of it may be the way the saliva reacts with the ingredents on the lipstick especially when you wear it for a long time and then try to lubricate your lips with saliva. Ofter a time, it happen when someone speaks for a while…i mean it’s horrible to be speaking to someone and they cannot help but stare at your lips, the sight of it is embarrasing.

But how can one apply  lipstick and have the self confidence that it will last without having to often check every minute if yucky white line has appeared on the lips?

Here are few tips to help you:

  1. Lubricate your lips with saliva or use baby wipes to wipe the lips to make it wet and smooth before applying lipstick.
  2. Use a good lip balm before using lipstick
  3. Always apply natural honey and gently rub it round your lips if you have dry lips(best at night).
  4. Use lime to scrub your lips to remove dead, dry skin( daily routine for smooth lips).
  5. Apply a little quantity of baby powder on your lips, lubricate the lips with saliva,you will see dead and dry skin, use baby wipes to clean it, apply your lip balm or a little vaseline before wearing your lipstick or gloss.

one of this tips can work for you.

Have you had this Experience before?

How do you manage it?

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